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About Us


WHY we do this:

        Logan here:  I've been debating whether or not to include this story on the website for a long time, but I've decided to do it.  I apologize for its length and tone - I tried to keep it short, but, here it goes...

       It all started when my dad slipped and fell on the ice in December of 2007, breaking his hip, badly.  I moved home from Japan to take care of him, but after two years, he told me to 'stop spinning my wheels' and to 'live my life.'  I returned to Japan while my brothers and sister looked after dad.  He soon began boomeranging in and out of hospitals - sadly, bad news became routine.  Alcoholism & withdrawal. A stroke. Another fall. Melanoma.

      On the other side of the planet, life was moving in the opposite direction. I met my wife and landed a great corporate job in Tokyo. I was still in close touch with family and friends, but, the way Japanese corporate culture is structured, vacation time to visit family in America was scant. I'd only been back to the US once in 3 years.

Owners of LED Head Grow Lights - Your home for your LED Grow Lights Needs at the lowest price.

      Fatefully, on May 14th, 2013, just before work, I got word that dad had fallen ill again... but this time he was refusing to speak. A called looped across 15 time zones.  In a sand paper voice, my dad asked me where I was; he was delusional, and thought I was downstairs in the hospital lobby coming up to him.  He asked if I was there.  He told me to hurry.  He repeated, repeated.  Repeated.  His intensity.  His insistence. They were... unusual, disturbingly.  I told myself , "It's just the medicine."  Slowly though, the itch of panic, it started scratching, inside my head, and it hit me. I wasn't down in the lobby, I wasn't there, nor dashing up the stairs.  I was pacing in a suit, outside an office, south of Tokyo.  

      One thousand apologies later, I had abandoned work.  I managed a few days off, and in 10 hours, I was on a plane. Unfortunately, my dad couldn't hold on. He stopped breathing on his own, so the DNR kicked in, he was unplugged, and had passed just before I boarded. My heart shattered. I shattered. The man who stood next me coming into the world and guided me through it... was abandoned on his way out - with nurses and doctors in a sterile room. 

      The grieving process which evolved over the following months changed me:  Rigid schedules, being tied down, and 'not being there' were NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.  Finally, I had grown up, realized who I am: a family man, a husband, an uncle, a best friend, and a son. After that, there was just one thing to do: 

     I quit my job. LED Head Grow Lights was born and I threw my hat into the ring doing e-commerce; it would allow my wife and I to be with both our families, in Japan or the US, when we miss them, and before they miss us.

WHAT we do:

      Our main product is genuine service. The mission: to not only sell LED grow lights, but to become a hub of LED information, expand eco-friendly and sustainable horticulture, and be a pillar for the growing community.  We serve home-growers, greenhouse operators, and vertical farmers.

        If you have any questions, need a bulk discount, or even want to haggle, you may contact us here or call at 307-213-4140 (please leave a message if we're unavailable by phone and we'll always reply within 12 hours.)  You may also use the message tab on your browser to contact Logan directly.  Also, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter where we provide you with access to special offers!  We appreciate your patronage.

WHO and WHERE we are:

        I was born and raised in Nebraska and Colorado. I grew up farming and gardening as a way of life. In high school and university, I ventured into some of the home growing that first introduced me to the world of lighting. My science background continues to help us develop our collection of products and resources.  I am also a full-time artist and avid Sci-Fi fan.

       Miho is my wife, best friend, and business partner from Yokohama, Japan.  After losing her father just 9 months after mine, she changed like I did.  Her unwavering support was the catalyst in the creation of this company - she told me to quit my job earlier than planned so I could give LHGL my full attention. Without her I may not have had the courage to take this leap. She is transitioning from her full time job into LED Head website management.  She is an avid traveler and foodie. I love her. She loves tacos.

         We are based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and have warehouses all over the United States. Many of our lights are shipped overseas. Again, feel free to contact us for questions about your specific needs for shipping. As mentioned, we spend time going back and forth between the US and Asia, so our time zones may fluctuate; don't worry though, we're always just a few key strokes away, and we answer communications vigilantly.





Why you Join the LED HEAD Family


  • It's Bigger than LEDs - Though we're grateful for your business, we're not just a business. LHGL is our life - join the family!
  • Shipping on the house! Free shipping and no sales tax in the U.S. on all products*.
  • Up to a 90 day Hassle-Free Return Policy.  Don't like the light?  We'll take it back and pay for the return.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed - We will beat any price online!  So stop shopping around and find the right light!
  • Platinum Customer Service - We've got you 365 days a year. Our dedication at LED Head never rests. You don't just get a light - you get us.

*See our shipping policy for details

Logan, Miho, and LEDHead Grow Lights DO NOT endorse the cultivation of illegal plants in areas where it is deemed illegal.  However, if you live in an area where the cultivation of formerly illegal plants is allowed, by all means, purchase from us now.