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Mars Hydro


The Mars-Hydro factory is located in LongGang District, Shenzhen, China, Jing Tie industrial park, specializing in manufacturing LED lights and grow tent/grow boxes. As the biggest LED grow light manufacturer in China, there is no doubt that the factory is a very important part of our company. There are several divisions: the R&D department, grow tent production department, and LED grow light product department.  Mars Hydro has warehouse throughout North America to ease shipping times.
If you check the reviews, you'll find that the Mars Hydro lights are well revered and very competitively priced.  They have a solid 2 year warranty and a 7 day return policy which LEDHeadGrowLights enforces.  Some of our patrons have had concerns about Chinese products, but most of the lights from 'American' suppliers' lights are manufactured in China!  Here at LEDHeadGrowLights we don't judge people by their nation, but by their lights.  We give you are assurance that you'll be smiling once you see the harvest you get from these lights.