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Light House Hydro

The most flexible and most powerful LED grow light on the planet is also the first light to use 6 watt and 10 watt chips. Genuine American made Cree 10 watt chips are not just advertised as 10 watts but actually pull 10 watts of real power and deliver a better lumen/watt output than ANY LED in existence. The BlackStar ION 8 offers a concentration of LEDs so unparalleled that even straight lumen output (not adjusted for PAR) is greater than HPS and Metal Halide bulbs available. Revolutionary design has now separated the different LED boards into modular clusters and given each cluster its own copper-core heatsink (copper conducts heat better than aluminum). The modules can be independently controlled through their own dimmer and power cord allowing you to adjust spectrum and intensity of the lights when needed. Additionally, the Horticultural Resin Boost UV-B can be connected to its own timer.